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A Simple Introduction to Graphite Gaskets
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Graphite gaskets are made of cutting or stamping pure graphite plates, and they have many excellent performance such as thermal stability, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance and non-aging. They can be steadily used for the harsh working conditions in the long term, and they hardly require maintenance. Different metal sheets can be adopted for insert materials. Graphite gaskets have advantages of good corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good compression resilience and high strength. Various round complicated geometric gaskets are widely used for pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerators, etc. 

Raw materials of graphite gaskets
Expandable graphite(flexible graphite) is made of pure natural graphite through chemical treatment and at a high temperature of 1000℃. This kind of material has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, which can make graphite gaskets have characteristics of high elasticity and low ductility. 

Features of graphite gaskets
1. Sealing performance of flexible graphite gaskets can almost keep the same at a temperature range of very low temperature to 400℃.
2. Flexible graphite gaskets have excellent chemical resistance to almost all liquids except strong oxidized acid.
3. Too tight installation doesn't affect flexible graphite gaskets due to very small cold deformation and ductility.

The categories and applications of graphite gaskets

Four types of flexible graphite gaskets
1. The flexible graphite gasket 
Flexible graphite gaskets are made of flexible graphite sheet, and they are applied to flanges and valve bonnets of pipelines. It is recommended that this kind of gasket should be made into small diameters.
2. The flexible graphite gasket MI
Carbon steel sheets with hooks whose thicknesses are 0.2mm are put in the middle of the graphite sheet, and then are cut into the specific size, which have very high mechanical strength.
3. The flexible graphite gasket PM
The flexible graphite sheet is adhered to two sides of 304 stainless steel sheets whose thicknesses are 0.2mm. It has very high mechanical strength, and it is easy to be transported. This kind of gasket is widely used for various industries, because it can be cut into complex shapes.
4. The flexible graphite gasket PM-A
Stainless steel sheets of T/#1215 are replaced with 316 steel (50 microns).

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