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General Knowledge of Stainless Steel Elbows
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Stainless steel elbows' materials make stainless steel elbows differ from carbon steel elbows, and chemical composition of the materials will keep surfaces of stainless steel elbows from rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel elbows are used for changing directions of pipelines in pipe systems. Stainless steel elbows can be classified into 45 degree elbows, 90 degree elbows and 180 degree elbows these three commonly used elbows based on different angles; there are also non-standard elbows due to requirements of engineering, for example, 60 degree elbows. Pipes and elbows are connected by direct welding connections(the most common way), flanged connections, hot melting connections, electric melting connections, threaded connections, socket connections, etc.

Installation of stainless steel elbows                                                                                                                                 

During the installation process, if we use and maintain stainless steel elbows according to correct and reasonable ways, we will prolong service lives of stainless steel elbows. We should pay attention to the following points based on Landee' many years of experience.

1. When ball valves, globe valves and gate valves are connected to stainless steel elbows, they should only be fully opened or closed and they can not be used for regulating flows in order to prevent sealing surfaces from scouring and accelerating wear. Gate valves and globe valves which have the upper threads have reversed seal devices; screw hand wheels to the top positions, so that we can avoid the media leaking from the packing. 

2. We should regularly check stainless steel elbows which are stored for a long time; the processed surfaces which are exposed should be kept clean; remove the dirt and tidily store stainless steel elbows in the indoor ventilated dry area; it is forbidden to pile stainless steel elbows or put stainless steel elbows outdoors.

3. We can install stainless steel elbows in the pipelines by the connection modes during installation processes. Generally, we can install stainless steel elbows in any positions of the pipelines, but the positions should be easy to be checked; it should be noted that flow directions of globe valves' media should be from bottoms of the valve clacks to tops of them; therefore, stainless steel elbows can only be installed horizontally. In the installation, we should pay attention to tightness so as to prevent the occurrence of leakage which will result in the normal operation of the pipeline.

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