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Installation Requirements of Pipe Gaskets
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Pipe gaskets are a kind of pipe fittings used for sealing machinery, equipment and pipelines with liquid. Pipe gaskets adopt metal or non-metallic plate and are made by cutting or stamping processes. They are used for sealing pipes and mechanical components. Pipe gaskets are classified into metal sealed gaskets and non-metal sealed gaskets based on materials. Metal gaskets have materials of copper, stainless steel, iron and aluminum. And non-metal gaskets have materials of asbestos, non-asbestos, paper and rubber.

1. Gaskets and flange sealing surfaces should be cleaned without any scratches, spots and or other defects which have an impact on their performance.

2. Outer diameters of pipe gaskets should be smaller than flange sealing surfaces', and inner diameters of gaskets should be bigger than those of pipes. The difference of their inner diameters should be twice thick of the gaskets so as to prevent inner edges of the gaskets getting into the pipelines and hindering the flow of the fluid.

3. Pretightening force of gaskets should not exceed design requirements so as to avoid excessive presses of gaskets and loss of rebound abilities.

4. We'd better use a torque wrench when the gaskets are sealed tightly. For bolts with large sizes and high strength, it's better to use hydraulic tighteners. Tightening torques and oil pressure of hydraulic tighteners should be calculated by the tightly pressed gaskets.

5. We should screw nuts in order when we install pipe gaskets. We should not screw the nuts just once to achieve their required values. Generally, we ought to try at least 2 to 3 times so as to make gaskets have uniform stress distribution.

6. When we replace gaskets for pressure vessels and pipes with flammable and explosive media, we need to use safety tools so as to prevent collision between tools and flanges or tools and nuts, resulting in sparks, fires or explosion accidents.

7. If there are leakages in the pipelines, we must replace or adjust pipe gaskets after depressurizing the pipes, and it is prohibited to change gaskets under the pressure.

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