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Pipe Material Application of Pipeline Project
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Outdoor Water Supply Pipe Material
--- Metal’s
1. Nowadays, it is commonly to use weld connecting pipe which is the way of socket and spigot connection, the designer changed the connecting pattern from traditional butt weld into overlapping weld, this approach improved the welding quality in connector, reduced the stress concentration in circumferential weld, and also avoid broken leaking in pipeline.

2. Water supply casting iron pipe can support larger working pressure (0.45 ~ 1.00MPa), it is corrosion resisting, it is not in high price, the in-wall of pipe becomes smother after being asphalt coating, therefore, the bitumen is also applied for the outside of water supply pipeline. However, water supply iron pipe has its defect, it is hard nature but crisp, too much weight increases construction difficulty. The nominal diameter is DN75 to DNI500, working pressure includes 0.45MPa, 0.75MPa and 1.00MPa. The joint of casting iron pipe usually has adapting form, flange form and flexible joint.

--- Nonmetal’s
1.Concrete pipe
The reinforced concrete pipe includes RCP and self-stress RCP. Their common features are: save rolled steel, cheaper (than metal pipe material), well antiseptic property, it would not reduce the water-carrying capacity of pipeline, could bear more pressure (from 0.4 ~ 1.2MPa), well anti-permeability and durability, use local materials.

2. The advantages of asbestos cement pipe: light weight, smooth in-wall, better water carrying ability (than casting iron pipe), well corrosion resistance, easily sawed-odd, processing facility, low cost, and so on. But, it is crisp, and it has poor shock resistance and living load resistance. Thus, it is not been used popularly.

3.Glass steel pipe
On the base of different manufacturing technique, glass steel pipe is divided into these following two parts: spun casting glass steel pipe, and filament winding glass steel pipe. In water supply system, it is more commonly to use glass steel sand inclusion water supply pipe which belongs to filament winding, it is in light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and water saving these kinds of advantages, convenient transportation, hoisting and connecting facility. But the price is higher than other pipe materials, furthermore, the rigidity is a little bit weak, easily broke, so, it requires high skill and profession, this increases spending.

4. At present, wide varieties outdoor water supply plastic pipe material includes: PE pipe, PVC - U pipe, ABS pipe, etc.

1)Organize members from construction, design, application, execution and management under system leadership, draw on the wisdom of the masses, learn widely from others’ strong points, slick apply correlative technicians’ intelligence and experience, make up scientific programs and evaluation scheme together.

2)Following the practical application, with eyes to development, adopt good points and avoid own shortcomings, accumulate high quality and weed out inferior quality, select inexpensive as well as high powered pipeline material.

3)Promote environmental pipe material, so choose plastic pipe material in priority with premise of well function, due to its excellent environmental protecting character, the non-toxicity for people, and it is recycling and reusing.
4)During choose the pipe materials, price is not the only reference condition, neither of pipe material species and its quality. There are many factors need to be noticed integrated, such as price, performance, flow resistance, maintaining, environmental protection, operation difficulty, and public policy, choosing highly cost effective pipe material is important.

Pipe Material Application of Pipeline Project

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