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Water's Secondary Pollution is as Harmful as Tainted Milk
Posted: 07/21/2016 03:40:49  Hits: 40
The factory qualified the water before being used, but due to the secondary pollution of a tinpot water faucet and water pipeline, the lead containing of water supply would be substantially over loaded, this detriment is as harmful as "tainted milk"!

It has an influence on the water quality whether a good or bad water faucet being applied.

A report about water's secondary pollution has attracted wide public concern.

A citizen found that the water came from the old faucet seemed not clean. He recently had a baby less than 2 months, and they had to make milk drinking and wash diaper all by using this water. So he is worried about this, including his neighbors are all having this problem but few of them pay attention to it. He is expecting to know where exactly the problem comes from.

Explained by the experts, this case is not very common when the faucet is being used. But if the faucet is not being used for a long time, there would be the green verdigris produced in the outside lining, some kinds of hazardous substances such as lead would be released into the water, causing the water problem.

Lead is micro-element needed by human body, however exceeding lead element will become the "invisible killer" to our health. Children is especially sensitive to lead element. 50-60 micro-grams of lead maintaining in per 100 milliliter blood can cause saturnism, it will lead to the disease of pediatric anemia, sensory dysfunction, mental lethargy, seriously the convulsions and coma, or even become life threatening. For adults, over lead taking will cause high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and other symptoms such as osteoporosis.

It is worth mentioning that water is always maintained in the faucet at home, it makes the lead protection falling off the faucet, resulting in lead precipitation, particularly the overnight water, its lead maintaining would be higher. Long-term use of those bad water faucets will lead to calculus or even saturnism, bad faucet has big impact on pregnant women and children, it is as harmful as "melamine".

The experts reminded, choose non-lead water faucet in our daily use, which means choosing the pure copper or stainless steel faucet. If it is not, pay much attention to the water change.

1. Adding the soap water, if there are a lot bubbles, it is hard water (too much calcium, magnesium salt containing), if it does not too much bubbles, it is soft water.
2. Check the home use water heater to see if it has a layer of yellow blot. If it is, it refers to too much water hardness, using water purifier can reduce it.

3. Apply the acid-base indicating meter.

Water's Secondary Pollution is as Harmful as Tainted Milk

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